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Elastic way of closing the gum 1 on 1

Useful video from @avgustina_knit:
“I continue to share with you those knitting techniques that I love and actively use.
In this video, the most successful in my opinion and the most elastic way of closing an elastic band is 1 * 1 knitting needle. The essence is simple – closing is carried out with nakida. Before the front loop looped “to itself”, in front of the purl – nakid “from itself”. The main thing is not to confuse 😉
The secret from me personally – I always close the needle with a smaller size than I used to knit a rubber band, and at the same time I do not tighten the loops, but I stack them as they do. If you close the same number of spokes, but nakida and hinges to tighten, then this directly affects the decrease in the elasticity of the edge.
This method is good when you need exactly the elastic edge, and it is much less attractive for 2 * 2 gum – I do not recommend it for them. ” knit grandmother # knit all

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