How To Make Garter Stitch – Knitting Concept


How To Make Garter Stitch

Let’s pick up a dropped garter stitch! Watch the video or work these steps:
1️⃣ Get a crochet hook that’s the same diameter or smaller than your knitting needle (you can put it through a needle gauge to be sure).
2️⃣ Put the last loop at the end of the run onto the crochet hook. 3. Check to see if your stitch is above a “bump” or a “flat” stitch. If it’s above a bump, proceed with step 3, if it’s above a flat stitch, proceed with step 4.
3️⃣ From the RS, pull the ladder (row) that’s just above the stitch on the hook through the stitch on the hook.
4️⃣ With the hook from the WS (you have to let go of the loop and then pick it up from behind), pull the ladder (row) through the stitch on the hook.
5️⃣ Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you’ve lifted up all of the rows.
6️⃣ Place the resulting stitch onto the left-hand knitting needle and proceed.

Try not to skip any ladders or pick them up out of order. I find that holding my finger behind the ladders keeps them in place.


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