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Knitting Round Tablecloth

A large openwork tablecloth on a round table. Suitable for a summer tea party in the street, and for a festive dinner indoors.

Magazine «Diana Creative» № 9/2015

The size:

140 cm in diameter

You will need:

Yarn (100% cotton, 120 m / 50 g) – 600 g white; hook number 3,5.


Completing of the work.
Execute a chain of 10 bp. and close it with the help of 1 connection. Art. in the ring, then tie according to the scheme 1-47-th circular rows.
Each round-robin series begins with the number in the p. and finish the connection. Art. If necessary, go through with a neighbor. Art. To the beginning of the next circular row or for the 16th
and 32th circular rows, reinforce the thread.
For better visibility, only a part of the tablecloth is shown on the diagram, the circular rows are finished according to the drawing. In total, there will be 8 rapports in the 1-5th circular series, in the 6-21-21 circular races 32 rapports, in the 27-37th circular rows 64 rapports, starting from the 44th circular series, 96 rapports.
Tablecloth spread, with each arch from the air loops should be grabbed with a stainless pin.
Cover the tablecloth with a damp cloth and leave until completely dry.

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