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Schemes of this wonderful blouse

Schemes of this wonderful blouse in a carousel👉🏻
I just replaced the set-in sleeve with a raglan.
Maybe crocheting has its own laws, but I honestly don’t know them and I knit just like on knitting needles.
The number 146 is on the diagram below, I understand that this is the total number of air loops for the size of this girl.
I decided not to invent anything and took myself the same amount for half a sweater, i.e. 146 vp on front and 146 c.p. to the back.
I knitted separately (but it was possible in a circle, but in rotary rows) according to the scheme, from bottom to top, to the height I needed to undercut.
Knitted gum later, when the jacket was already sewn and ready. When typing gum, it reduced every 5th loop on the front and back, and every 3rd loop on the sleeves.
On sleeves also gained 92 v.p. I knitted according to the scheme from the bottom up to undercuts, making increases in every 3rd row.
Then she left 16 p. On each side of the front, back and sleeves for undercuts and connected everything in a circle for raglans.
Raglan lowered in each row.
Knitted in a circle, but in rotary rows, so as not to violate the pattern.
Knitting 3-4 cm in height, evenly reduced around the whole circle 7 p. On the front, 7 p. On the back and 5 p. On the sleeves
(it seemed that there would be a very wide gate, but perhaps it was not necessary to make them)
Having knitted to the desired height (from the cuts along the raglan line I have 21 cm) I made a sprout and a neckline: st.b.n. / step step / st.b.n
Sewed and tied with elastic bands.
Yarn 50 gr. 175 meters, it took 12 skeins (what to do hook)
Hook 2.5
P.s. I washed the individual parts before assembly so that there were no surprises. After washing, the pieces are stretched by 3 cm in length, decreases in width by about 5.
The size is from 42 to 48
Girls, I’m sorry, the circuits in the carousel were cut from below, I did not see right away, but everything is the same as on my jacket, the pattern repeats.
Have a good week everyone!


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